Private hotel Donuzlav

Welcome to the private hotel Donuzlav, which opens the door to welcome his guests in its third year!

Private hotel Donuzlav - this is an excellent family holidays in Crimea. Nature and we will take care of that, would you rest and soul and body, and positive memories about the rest stayed with you for a whole year.

The clean sea, sandy beach with few people, a unique combination of steppe and sea air will not leave anyone indifferent, and the lack of production preserves the natural beauty intact. This is the best family holiday for those who are tired of the city's bustle. Located

private holiday on the Black Sea, 30 km. from Evpatoriya, in the village of Mirniy. Today, Mirniy - is a rapidly developing resort village with a network of shops, markets, cafeterias and bars.

More about private hotel Donuzlav.

16 comfortable rooms (see prices) can accommodate 2-4 persons. In room:

- conditioner - TV and DVD - refrigerator - cookware
- electric kettle - furniture - WC - shower.

If you want to save a little, then you have an economy proposal - instead of air conditioning - fan. All rooms with private facilities (shower, sink, toilet) and have private entrances from the street. In the private hotel Donuzlav uninterrupted supply of hot and cold water.

The beach Donuzlav operates a private dining room, where you can order a 1-3-meals a day.

private car can be left on the parking lot that is 50 meters from the hotel or free near the private hotel.

Private hotel: between the sea and the Gulf Donuzlav.

from the private hotel to the Gulf Donuzlav 70 meters. This is a paradise for children's activities: shallow, sandy beach, warm water, no waves.

For the parents would be more appropriate to rest on the sea, where few people expect you to a sandy beach, crystal clear water. From hotel to sea about a kilometer. This distance can be overcome with pleasure for 20-25 minutes on foot for 2-3 minutes by private car or bus stop at 30 meters from a private hotel.

Activities Donuzlava.

In July and August you have a unique opportunity to visit the Republic Kazantip - one of the major festivals of dance music (open air), comparable in scale to the same on the islands of Ibiza (Spain). Annually Popovka (2 km. Donuzlav from the hotel), he called for the fans of disco music, especially for lovers of night music and informal lifestyle.

Also not far from the private hotel Bay Donuzlav (July-August) is a sports and music festival of windsurfing and kiteboarding Wings Donuzlava.

To your attention the many excursions to the most beautiful corners of the Crimean peninsula.

Also, you can make your vacation more diverse, including: horseback riding, flying in an airplane, diving, windsurfing or kite.
Choice is yours!