Crimea for Russian tourists is the atmosphere of the Soviet Union


Resorts of Crimea lose tourists from Europe and the CIS due to the lack of unique tourism brand in the region, and also because of poor quality / price ratio of services provided.
This information provided executive director of the Crimean Association of Travel Agencies Marina Beresneva.

In her words, foreign tourists to rest in Turkey or Egypt are cheaper than in Krymu.No staff training and quality of services in Egypt and Turkey is much higher than in the Crimea. "For this reason, the number of tourists in Crimea is reduced every year", - she said.

M. Beresneva noted that one of the main reasons for the significant reduction of volume is the lack of leisure travel brand Crimea. "In State. program to improve the image of Ukraine did not take into account the peculiarities of the Crimea as a resort. Crimea for many - is the beach area, hence the need for this sector is to throw all the efforts, rather than dispelling them "- she believes.

Director of CATA noted that, according to Soc. survey, the Crimea as a resort is associated with good natural causes in 65% of respondents, 11% - of the cultural heritage, and the remaining 24% of respondents associated the Crimea with the contradiction level accommodation facilities, service quality and cost of services. "Proceeding from this, to make a decent brand for the Crimea must throw every effort to preserve nature, as well as to develop the infrastructure" - she said.

However, M. Beresneva noted that an important role in shaping tourism brand Crimea played remnants of the Soviet Union, which is entrenched. "Citizens of the CIS and Russia who come to the Crimea, is precisely this atmosphere attracts" emotional comfort ", which has been preserved here since the days of the Soviet Union and visible in the recreational area of the Crimea is very wide." At the same time executive director of CATA reported that over the past few years, Russian tourists switched to Europe along with a huge capital. Yet it was confident that by continuing to work on the brand of spiritual comfort ", Crimea will be able to return to tourists from Russia and the CIS.