Crimean turassotsiatsii asked for help from the presidents in the development of tour flow of Russians in the Crimea


27 February this year based on the hotel « Oreanda » in Yalta, Crimea will be 1 general congress of representatives of tourism and related associations and associations of the Crimea.

This information was reported in a marketing and information company « Resorts Crimea ».

Members of this Congress are planning to discuss the pressing issues of development and conservation of resorts of Crimea, recreation and tourism business, as well as the most important steps to prepare for the season of 2010.

According to the « resorts of Crimea », 1 general congress of the Crimean tour. and related associations and associations of Crimea intend to appeal to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on the development of Russian tourists in the Crimea during this holiday season and the near-term " as a basis for economic development of the Crimea as a resort ».

Also, the participants of this event are going to appeal to all representatives of the tourists' business leadership of the Crimea and Ukraine, local governments resort to take an urgent action to promote and preserve health resorts, as well as measures for the success of the holiday season of 2010.