At Ai-Petri can let tourist bus


In the management of primary state. inspection of road transport in the Republic of Crimea offers to open an official car route to the Ai-Petri plateau.

Zam. Head of T. Suleimanov told a meeting of the commission of the Verkhovna Rada of the ARC in construction, industry, communications, transportation, and energy-fuel complex that now the road to Ai-Petri is closed but the curiosity of the tourists are actively manifests itself, and as a consequence, Tourists are delivered there by illegal transporters.

According to T. Suleymanova, a week or two the City of Yalta intend to resolve the issue of opening the regular city bus route to Ai-Petri.

Zam. Head of Traffic Management Oversight Crimean GAI O. Arkhipov said that the road can not be opened for tourist routes until the end of its renovation. « We can discuss about the need to open the road to Ai-Petri. But until the repair is completed, until the full security of this stretch of road where the width of the roadway from four to six meters and a radius such that you can see the back of his head, and not absolutely assured of oncoming traffic of vehicles, and the complete lack of any fences, buses with people to go to them can not », - he said.

According to the Office of the Crimean SAI, since last November to the end of March this year the road Bakhchisaraj-Yalta, which runs through the Ai-Petri, completely closed because of emergency response. Since the end of March this year the road will be open, but only for minibuses, buses and trucks weighing not more than 3.5 tons.