Hotels and Spa in Crimea

With disruption in the Crimea must stop immediately and to the base "

On the eve of the peak recreational season Feodosia far from the planned completion. Oddly, though naturally, but this phenomenon is particularly apparent manifests itself on the south coast resort of the peninsula.

Back in May, it became clear that in summer the Crimean resorts expect serious difficulties. Among a number of negative factors were added and the absence in April and May, government orders for the Fund of Social Insurance. Meanwhile, in late June, President Viktor Yanukovych Cabinet shamed for chaos in the Crimea, and ordered to prepare a law on the restoration of the resort potential of the peninsula, urging the Ukrainian authorities to rest precisely in the ARC, rather than on foreign resorts.

"Why do so many years of destruction of infrastructure Rest in Crimea? Why not create a system of tourism industry? "- Yanukovych appealed to ministers to rhetorical questions, and invited Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, together with the speaker Vladimir Litvin jointly work out a special law to the Crimea. According to the president, if in the near future at the legislative level, not to fix the priority of development of the Crimean resorts, in the coming years in the Crimea would be ashamed to ride.

I must say that it is shameful and is not prestigious in the Crimea was to travel quite a long time. This is despite the fact that in recent years the country has essentially rebuilt a lot of morally and technically obsolete resorts, sanatoriums and hotels, and, moreover, built dozens of perfectly decent health centers, based on current world trends of the resort hotel business. But along with such advanced pensions, as, for example, "Palmira Palace" still continue to coexist dilapidated relics of the Soviet period.

In addition, one of the main problems of the Crimean resorts and hotels is that they have nothing to offer its customers in bad weather. "It is necessary to escape the sun, as holidaymakers begin to get bored, - says the administrator mini-hotel" Lucia "Helen Korneva .- Not all of them flexibly calculate all the options and quickly moved away on trips, and not all they are interested." In her view, the norm for each property should be swimming pools, and always heated, so that the tourists can swim in any season and at any time, as well as a recreation area with indoor sports facilities.

"Among the most hoteliers Crimea growing understanding that the priority for the rest of the peninsula should be, not stupid smoking in the sun and sea bathing to complete stupor, and the full individual and, especially, family vacation", - said the expert on tourism Sergei Tereshchenko. He believes that such an approach in the hotel business is able to bring the peninsula to the status of the dream of dreams-round resort.

Particularly striking almost complete absence of modern resorts and hotels in the most seemingly attractive part of Southern coast within the Greater Yalta, a resort in his heart, from the Black Sea coast and right up to the bay Laspi, near Cape Sarich, the most southern point of not only the Autonomous Republic, but the whole Ukraine. "Despite the attractive" romantic "names, like" Mriya "," Zori Ukrainy, "Emerald" and the like, they are all the same. Most of these were built in the 1980's. on "the best Soviet standards, and since then have been only cosmetic repairs" - confidentially told "i" an employee of one of the resorts on condition of anonymity, advised "not to look here to Turkey."

Apparently, in order to get rid of chaos, to bring the South Coast B & Bs on the standards holiday in Antalya, Turkey or Egypt Hurghada, do not even need renovation and modernization of the existing post-Soviet sanatorium kurotnoy infrastructure, and possibly the introduction of a truly revolutionary program of revival of the Crimea as unique natural recreational reserve. "This will require the implementation of the unprecedented scale of investment policy, - says Sergei Tereshchenko .- Sadly, but if these plans to be fulfilled, we must admit that most of the old buildings of sanatoriums and resorts on the South Coast will have to bear." According to him, just clearing the field for activities, on the southern coast, you can create ultra-modern infrastructure, designed to advance the many decades to come.