Access to the beach Alupka - Crimean parliament authorized the Commission to understand


in the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimean Republic, a commission mandated to resolve the conflict situation in Alupka related to the protests of citizens against the restrictions on access to the beach and the sea, as well as mass housing beaches.

This decision was taken at a meeting of the Presidium of Verkhovna Rada of Crimea on February 2.

"The first task - to investigate the situation on the beaches of Alupka, which saw mass protests related to dissatisfaction with the actions of city authorities, who have taken a number of decisions that prohibit people come to the beach, there is now a private area", - told reporters the President of the Crimean parliament.

For this to Alupka will be sent to the parliamentary commission "to clarify the situation, then to take decisions.

History: This past Saturday, Jan. 30, residents of Alupka held a mass rally « Funeral Alupka » as a popular resort region - so the townspeople decided to protest against the restrictions on access to beaches and sea, as well as mass housing beaches. By ordering a coffin and the orchestra, about two hundred residents marched through the streets to attract public attention, and city governors to the problems of Black Sea coast and all over the Crimea. Activists have promised to report on "the uncontrolled building of the coastal zone" to the Council of Europe, if local authorities do not respond to their protest.

This action has been the summer of 2009 goda.Togda Alupka residents staged a protest and with a sledgehammer and crowbars pulled down fences and fences on the way to the beaches Alupka. The action took place under the slogans of "Beaches - the people!", The protesters expressed outrage at the fact that the latter was blocked free passage of the beach, while the rest of the coastal area has long fenced various private commercial entities.