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Evpatoria preparation beaches given time till May 10


The City of Evpatoria urged leaders resorts to bring order to the beach area until 10 May.

According to the press service of the executive committee Evpatorian mountains. Council should also clean up the adjacent areas, to ensure their normal lighting, and security for tourists. This can be solved by entering into contracts with security services and placing boxes to store personal and valuable property. The quality of these works will be constant monitoring by the city council. Permission to open the beaches to sign only those leaders who are fully fulfilled all the requirements for preservation of life and safe holiday in Crimea.

In the period until April 20 need to clean up winter debris from the coastal zone. On the beaches in the area of st. Simferopol, in the new beach will be held Saturday work.

In the period May 1 to undertake all measures for the creation and organization of new public beaches and equip them.

In February this year the mayor Evpatoria A. Danilenko ordered to prepare for the beginning of the holiday season 3 more public beach near Evpatoria commercial sea port, as well as in the beach resort hotel "Planeta".

Future total area beaches Evpatoria is 450 thousand square meters. Also in Evpatoriya operate sixty-three rented beach.