Evpatoria fulfilled all the conditions for obtaining the "Blue Flag of Europe"


Evpatoria fulfilled all the requirements that were necessary to obtain the Blue Flag of Europe "for the two city beaches.

This information is the head of heads. Exercise. foreign economic relations and investment policy of the City Council Evpatorian S. Strelbitskiy.

He said that representatives of the international ad hoc committee during the past year did test the ecological state of the city, and areas of the beaches that would like to receive the Blue Flag of Europe "- is the beaches Evpatorian center for medical, social, employment and vocational rehabilitation and rehabilitation and health improvement and Treatment Centre "North" in the village Zaozerne.

According to Sergei Strelbitskiy, experts committee verifies the quality of all city services, which monitor the health of Evpatoria. "Absolutely all of the requirements that are presented to us by an international commission had been met. The decision to grant or deny the 2 nd Evpatoria beaches' blue flag of Europe "will be taken at the end of this month or in May" - summed up the head of investment management Sergei Strelbitskiy.

Briefly: "Blue Flag of Europe" was approved in France in 1985. This certificate of environmental quality of tourist ports and beaches in 39 countries around the world. To obtain such a certificate to the candidate cities place a serezdnye Requirements: check the purity and quality of water, maintaining the environment, clean air, environmental security.