In the new season in Evpatoria will be 50 new "Bogdanov"


In the new holiday season in the city of Evpatoria transport services will provide 50 brand new buses "Bogdan".

This information was reported in the city council Evpatoria.

"This holiday season outdated taxis in the city of Evpatoria replaced by new buses" Bogdan "or other buses, which are not inferior to them in terms of comfort", - told the city council Evpatoria. Today, new buses "Bogdan" already working on the routes number 1, 2 and 4.

According to information from the Evpatoria city council, primarily in the need to replace the one transport that operates on routes № 6, 9 and 13.Eto routes that follow the beach and the resort and sanatorium area Evpatoria. Thus, the authorities plan to extend the Evpatoria bus number 6 to the communes. beach on the streets of Simferopol.

In the city council was told that the drivers of new buses will pass the competition commission, and the presence of a badge with the name, the names and positions and uniforms required. By the beginning of the holiday season in the city of Evpatoria plan to equip the protected parking places and parking for cars.