In Evpatoria holiday season to open a new aquarium


1 May, official opening day of the holiday season in Evpatoria, a presentation of a new, modern urban aquarium.

This information was reported by the press office Evpatorian Mayor.

The new aquarium will be located in a park named after Frunze. To date, the construction of two-storey building Evpatorian Aquarium coming to an end. It will present more than 105 species of fish - sea inhabitants, who inhabit the vast expanses of the Atlantic and the Pacific, Japan and the Black Sea coast of south-east Asia and Mexico. « For example, a prehistoric fish, which existed in the Paleozoic era, it is called protopterus ».

Press Service reports that the central entrance to the building Evpatorian Aquarium will be issued in the form of huge jaws of an enormous monster. « Guests immediately fall into a fabulous wreck, and a large" hole "at the bottom of the frigate - an underwater kingdom where a beautiful stalagmite-stalactite maze visitors will meet with great sea monsters created Evpatoriskoe masters, and outlandish fish and sea inhabitants », - reported in the press-service. The premises of the new aquarium in Evpatoria will accommodate seven three-ton aquariums and thirteen - with a capacity of two tons. In the center of the aquarium swimming pool at the thirty-cubes, where will swim the same big fish - sturgeon.

In the city executive committee reported that in 2010 will already be opened on 1 st floor Evpatorian Aquarium. Press office added that it was designed and created a new aquarium in Evpatoria, so that vacationers can visit it even in wheelchairs.