Germanic Twin Cities will hold a master class for waiters Evpatoria


until the next holiday season for waiters Evpatoria-day master class will hold a specialist from the German city of Ludwigsburg, sister Evpatoria.

This information was reported early. Business and trade Evpatoria City Council M. Baydetskaya.

In her words, a single master-class will be organized for the waiters, who already have extensive experience in this field. "This is like a refresher course. This master class will be on "The customer is always in the spotlight", - told early. management of trade.

She also added that for those waiters who are just starting to work and have not received special training, organize another two-week training. And for this Exercise. Trade is planning to invite to training teachers in Evpatoria vocational school in Simferopol.

As reported by M. Baydetskaya, all trainings will be in May.