Today in the town of Evpatoria are 24 resorts


At the beginning of April in Evpatoria are 24 sanatoriums in them for treatment and rest are 5735 guests, which is 71 more people than it was last year.

This information is the head of heads. management of foreign economic relations and investment policy City Council Evpatoria.

"In recent days, were big races holidaymakers expected a good race and next week, on this basis, we can confidently say that in terms of inflows into our town tourists and holidaymakers already there has been some stability", - said S. Strelbitskiy. According to Sergei Strelbitskiy, "compared to other resort towns of the Crimea Evpatoria looks strong enough, for example, on the southern coast the situation is slightly worse than the occupancy in Evpatoria.

"Judging by the publications in the media, on the South Coast of Crimea, this figure is now 15 percent lower than in the same period last year", - said the Head investupravleniya S. Strelbitskiy.