Adventure Tourism in Crimea


According to the information from the chairman of the Republican Committee of Crimea on hunting and forestry Igor Katsaya, on the Crimean peninsula, is preparing to adopt a program of adventure tourism in the Crimea.

From what I. Katsaya, in connection with the active development on the Crimean peninsula, technical sports, such as ride quad in the montane zone, Jeeping , the Committee decided to "settle this process that it did not lead to bad consequences. "

"Preparations have been among the supporters of these sports and is preparing a program of development of these types of tourism", - the chairman of the committee.

From the words of the chairman, Reskomlesom was developed electronic maps, which have caused the possible routes for the movement of equipment. All these routes have been designed and routed to avoid the objects of nature reserve fund. There were also restrictions on the movement in the breeding of animals and in fire period. Work is continuing to consolidate on the ground coordinates of all used car parks, recreational areas, walking trails.

"After all these works will be changes in the regulatory framework operating on the territory of Crimea, are regulated on the legislative level, recreational activities", - said I. Katz.

P.S. Every year forests Crimea is visited by approximately 3 million vacationers and tourists.