Alminskoe field they want to make the object of visiting tourists


Members of the organizing committee for commemoration of soldiers who died of the Crimean War of 1853-1856, solved the problems of reconstruction, improvement and promotion of the memorial memory of the fallen soldiers Alminskogo battle.

This information is the press center of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimean Republic.

At a meeting of the Organizing Committee CEO Bakhchsarai Historical and Cultural Reserve Petrov said that the planned meeting with major tour operators and the Crimea, where Alminskoe field will be present as a museum site open to tourists.

Yevgeny Petrov also said that in order to carry out the work of reconstruction of the Memorial Forest has enough resources, but can not use them, because such items imposed a strict ban. "Due to lack of money may be pushed back dates of commissioning a number of tourist facilities on Alminskom field.

To date, no completed work on the finishing arch in the form of the chapel, which symbolizes the entrance to the field. It will be painting a mosaic with granite and other expensive materials. Do not completed construction of a specialized museum premises, which wanted to finish by May of this year ", - reported in the press center.

Head Reserve reported that improvement works were not spoiled the historic landscape of the monument.

Members of the Organizing Committee were informed about the work of military history clubs from Moscow, Kiev and Minsk in the reconstruction Alminskogo battle. Reserve expects that this year the total number of participants in the reconstruction Alminskogo battle will be over 120 people. Reconstruction Alminskogo battle will take place as early as the 3rd time.

Alminskoe battle was the first large-scale battle of the Crimean War of 1853-1856. Alminskoe battle took place in September 1854. In Alminskom battle involved coalition forces of France, Britain and Turkey on the one hand, and Russia - on the other. Coalition forces were victorious in the battle Alminskom.