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In Crimea, the cheapest accommodation for tourists offering in Kerch


In Crimea, the cheapest accommodation in the resort facilities of Kerch.

This information was reported deputy. Head of Tourism Ministry of Tourism and Resorts of the Republic of Crimea O. Burov at a press conference which was held in Simferopol, 23.02.2010.

According to O. For Drilling, in 2009, the cost of one-bed day in Kerch an average of 75 UAH, and in the Black Sea region - 125 UAH. in Yalta and the suburbs price is much higher - 297 UAH.

Deputy Chief also reported that the need to develop tourism in the eastern and western part of Crimea.

« In Crimea is necessary to develop tourism in the eastern and western regions, because the Southern coast of Crimea is too overloaded. For example, in Yalta excursion buses just can not enter, they must receive special permission ».

A. Burov added that interest from tourists and investors to the eastern and western Crimea significantly improved if they develop new tours and hiking trails. « Wonderful clean sea, affordable accommodation, this lack is the new tour. products ».