In Crimea this summer will choose the best deaf tourists


This year, in the Crimea will be the annual contest "The best remote tourist in Ukraine in 2010".

According to information received from Simferopol club deaf tourists "Bivouac", in this open competition are expected to athletes age 15 to 35 years from different regions of Crimea, Ukraine and CIS countries. All competitions will be held in the tour. Deaf tourists hike on the mountain part of the Crimea in the interval from 10 to 22 July. Full path of the contest participants will learn the deaf tourists in just over two hours before the contest to completely avoid familiarization with the route beforehand.

As is usual before the winner is determined by the largest amount of points scored on special. table Microclimate with psychological compatibility. The competition will be judged vehicle movement and to overcome natural obstacles in the campaign. The very best version of jury, deaf tourists declare July 21, 2010. The winner will receive a diploma and a valuable gift.

Throughout the campaign deaf tourists will be located in the field. Contest rules prohibit the use of mobile phones and other communications.

This contest is held to promote tourism in the Crimea in people deprived of hearing.