In Crimea, ready to work only 38 percent of beaches


To date, the ARC prepared to work only 38 percent of beaches in general and commercial use.

This information on the conference call on the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea Avtonovnoy said State Chief Sanitary Doctor M. Krovyakova, said the main department of information policy of the Council of Ministers.

"On May 28, only 38 percent of all the beaches fully tested and compliant", - said the chief sanitareny doctor.

She also reported that the beaches Avtonovnoy Republic of Crimea is not well prepared for work and receive visitors. "I would especially like to note resort Mykolaivka. Such a large number of violations is not found anywhere else in the Crimea. There is a beach full unsanitary, and spontaneous trade flourishes ", - said M. Krovyakova.