In the hotels of Crimea may appear casino


with the President Gos. Committee of Ukraine on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship M. Brodsky, soon to be enacted, commends that in Kryvskih hotels will be open full-fledged casino.

M. Brodsky, said this in Shuster program live on television channel "Ukraine". "Ukraine will indeed be a casino, and will soon be enacted which will shoulder the Crimea resort. Also, M. Brodsky added that allowing the opening of casinos in all hotels "regardless of the stars all over the Crimea would provide an opportunity wishing to play in the casino, go to the Crimea and to do it."

He also suggested that in the first place in the Crimea, Russians will go. "They know and love this place" - the official added.

In addition, the words of M. Brodsky, "is also a proposal" to give permission to open casinos in five-star hotels in all major cities of Ukraine. "Due to the fact that the government is looking for additional opportunities to raise funds. This is important for the development of tourism in major cities, which had its five-star hotels. In the five-star hotels will also be allowed casino. But the slot machines just will not. "

As reported previously, with the June 25, 2009 the Verkhovna Rada passed a law completely prohibiting gambling business in Ukraine. Under the law, is prohibited in the Ukraine participated in gambling and gambling in general.

SUMMARY: 24 March this year, former candidate for the post of President M. Brodsky was appointed chairman of the State. Committee of Ukraine on business and regulatory policy. He was replaced by the post mistress Alexandra Kuzhel.

M. Brodsky, in the period from 1998 to 2002 was people's deputy of Ukraine, headed by parliamentary committees on entrepreneurship and industrial policy.