In the Ministry of Emergency Situations argue that fire safety no one checked in 1,5 thousand Crimean mini-resorts


The review of fire safety resorts of the Crimean peninsula bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations ordered to perform more than 20 thousand of fire prevention.

According to the press service of the General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies in Crimea, 75 percent of events have now been fulfilled. In total, about 600 health centers for fire safety.

In this case the Ministry of Emergency Situations complain that the ARC has more than 1,5 thousand mini-boarding private hotels, which have never been tested for compliance with fire safety requirements. Most are ordinary houses with a bathroom in each room or on the floor. However, for boarding school and a hotel are required for two exits to escape from each floor of the building fire alarm system and fire alarm systems, domestic water supply for fire-fighting.