Easter kilometer swim, a swimmer has committed Sevastopol


Oleg Sofyanik, known as "Sevastopol swimmer" made a holiday, Easter swim through the Sevastopol bay. Sevastopol swimmer swam against Mikhailovskogo to the Monument of Submerged ships.

According to information received from the 46-year old swimmer, he swam a half-mile distance in 26 minutes, the temperature of water in the Black Sea was 9 degrees.

Oleg Sofyanik the fifth consecutive year makes heats before the Easter holidays.

BRIEF: Oleg Sofyanik known in Sevastopol and even in Ukraine, as a swimmer, which alone overcomes great distances in the open sea. He has more than 50 marathon attempts. September 23 last year, Sevastopol swimmer overcame the farthest swim in his life, he rowed a little over 100 miles from Swallow nests on the South Coast Crimea to the beach "Crystal", which is located in the Sevastopol bay.