Sightseeing in Sevastopol - the second place in Ukraine


From the words of the Chief of Control. Tourism and Culture Sevastopol mountains. Governor T. Zenin, in 2009, Sebastopol has shown very good result as a tourist region, yielding a good income in the state. and local budgets.

This T. Zenin reported at the board meeting management.

From the words of T. Zenin, among all regions of Ukraine Sevastopol occupies a very high position in the ranking of the main indicators tour. activities. "2 nd for the excursion activities, 3rd - for foreign, outbound travel and the volume represented a tour. Services, 4 th - of the total number of serviced tourist from Ukraine and abroad, 5-e - for contributions to the budget ", - informed the head of culture and tourism.

She added that last year Sevastopol adequately presented in the tourism international fairs and exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Ukraine and Russia. "It was a one-day promotional tour of" Day of Sevastopol in the International Tour. Fair "Crimea. Resorts. Tourism-2009 ".

Head of Control. Tourism and Culture SSGA also reported that, despite the good results of the work, the main problem for tourism in Sevastopol is still illegal and illicit business. "Are there problems in withdrawing from the shady business of private hotels, terrible state of urban beaches, the lack of the required number of parking spaces, the level of rendered services."