Treasure hunt in the Crimea


Tenth of April near the town of Sevastopol begins auto adventure - Intellectual night game on their cars "Your adventure ... The attraction of the Crimea ...».

According to information received from the organizers of the project «DozoR» in the city of Sevastopol, spanning adventure Yalta, Sevastopol and Simferopol. Key tasks of intellectual night games will be constructed on the historical past of the peninsula of Crimea, on the traditions and legends about mysterious places in the Crimea and cultural monuments of the Crimea. "A lot of things, collecting dust on the shelves of warehouses of museums. These things can tell a lot ... lift the veil of time ... provide answers to many interesting questions ... The task of the participant to find these treasures into his heart of the Crimea, to reveal his secret ...», - excerpt from the assignment game.

Already the call organizers intellectual night game 6 teams responded: «DRIVE-S», «Captain», «FARA», «NST», «GEO», and "Druggs.

The final stage of auto adventure will be a large and noisy party under the open sky of the Crimea and entertainment, music and all sorts of treats.