Simferopol and prospects of rural tourism in Crimea


March 23 this year on the basis of the Moscow Hotel in Simferopol held a roundtable discussion on "Rural Tourism in Crimea - Prospects of Development".

This information was reported in the information department of the Programme of Crimea Integration and Development, which organizes the event.

According to them, the round table will be presented to the general discussion of the results of the study "Rural Tourism in Crimea - the prospects of development." The investigation is carried CIDP with company GFK Ukraine. Moreover, in the framework of this event will discuss issues and make recommendations for the development and promotion of rural tourism across the Crimea. The discussion will be invested in developing a common basis for the concept of rural tourism in the Crimea.

According to the organizers of the round table, to date the development of rural tourism on the Crimean peninsula constrain such factors: the lack of developed infrastructure and the absence of proven demand.

"Also, the situation is complicated by the fact that rural and green tourism as areas poorly advertised in the Crimea. On the other hand Crimea, because of its favorable climate and natural diversity, has a great potential for the development of the industry. "

Organizers expect that the roundtable will be attended by not only commercial entities but also representatives of government agencies working in rural and green tourism, representatives of public organizations.