Three caves in the Yalta reserve are available to visit


Yalta mountain-forest reserve is almost ready for a new holiday season. Locals and tourists will be able to choose the most интерестный for yourself out of 23 eco-tourist routes around the park. This information was reported on the operational and economic meeting of the executive committee of the city of Yalta on first of April.

to holiday season this year, employees of the Yalta Reserve equipped wild places for tourists and for recreation, where often one to rest on picnics. In a quiet bay equipped with special places for bonfires, set up shop and dedicated space for garbage collection. same type of work carried out on the road Romanov, Nikita in a crevice in Chereshneve garden.

Now go to the waterfall Wuchang-Su will be a different route.

- The route was changed slightly, because it is a different route opens a scenic view of the waterfall, - Vladimir Kapitonov. - Will age slightly reshaped and
Places waterfall - all the iron sheets to replace the wooden.

After all the changes Wuchang-soo will look very organic.

guests of the city and of course yaltintsy able to visit once in three caves. Besides the already known and available to Three-eye for tourists opened two caves - Geophysical and Yalta. Impressive is that the price of visiting tourist routes remain at the level in 2009: one route - 10 UAH per person. Changed prices only to visit the caves: given the fact that they are now 3, visit the caves cost gostyav 25 UAH.

- The main problem of the Yalta Reserve - labor shortages, - said V. Kapitonov. - Now in full swing preparing gorelnikov to the resort period, so the recreation facilities are waiting for their turn to train.