Tourists do not like the "outhouse"


The main disadvantages of the Crimea as a tour. Ukrainian tourists consider region's poor infrastructure, high cost and poor service.

It says the study "Rural Tourism in Crimea - the prospects of development". It was held in the Program Crimea Integration and Development in conjunction with the company Gfk Ukraine.

According to the survey, 31 percent of respondents from 306 domestic tourists Crimea, who rested in regions not adjacent to the sea, the basic and very big disadvantage of rural tourism is considered inadequate infrastructure, although 21 percent of respondents most major thorn for the development of tourism in the Crimean peninsula was named terrible service, another 17 percent of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the prices of services and 14 percent - no indoor plumbing.

Also, the study reports that most respondents - 33 percent of the total number of respondents - the main advantage of the Crimean Peninsula, consider the landscapes and nature, 23 per cent - the mountain clean air, 21 per cent - an opportunity to eat natural food and drink clean water, 18 percent major advantage Crimea was named mountains.

In addition, the study says that 93 percent of 254 domestic tourists Crimea decided to go to Crimea for rest due to natural conditions, 85 percent - for the opportunity to see the sights of this region is 69 percent - for the opportunity to do a hobby, 54 percent - for opportunity to do recreational activities.

The most popular places are Bakhchisarayskiy internal Crimea, Simferopol and Belogorskiy areas. Bahchisaray region leads to a very substantial separation from the rest - it takes on more than half of rural domestic tourists Crimea. The main reason why tourists are choosing these areas is the presence in these areas all that interesting to tourists in the Crimea - a beautiful nature, mountains and other attractions.

SMALL SHEET: This is studied conducted in October-November last year to analyze the demand and supply of tourism services in rural regions of the Crimea is not landlocked and rural tourism in general. We used two methods to the study - the first is a survey of direct tourists and the second is a survey of local and national authorities, associations of rural businesses, agro tourism and green tourism, the owners of estates, and journalists.

All were interviewed in 1350 of Ukrainian tourists, domestic tourists, and simferopoltsev Crimea.

Also in the survey attended by 15 owners of farms, 10 representatives of local and national authorities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the association of rural businesses, agro tourism and green tourism, the owners of estates, journalists, and 6 of the owners of rural tourism facilities, giving a tour. services without shelter. Accuracy within 4.5 percent.