In the Nikita Botanical Gardens Parade tulips


In the middle of this month in the Nikita Botanical Gardens in Yalta will be the first parade of spring flowers tulips.

According to information received from the head excursion of Nikita Botanical Gardens Lyudmila Aksenova, within two weeks in the garden bloom more than 160 different varieties of tulips, one after another. "If the weather is good, the spring parade starting approximately the fifteenth of April and will last until the first of May. In the words of Lyudmila Aksenova, staff Nikita Botanical Gardens planted 125 thousand tulip bulbs. A man known for more than 140 species of these beautiful spring flowers.

The garden tulips are grown since its inception. Since 1962, with the garden, work on their selection. New varieties of tulips are resistant to weather conditions of southern Ukraine and Crimea in particular and have a high decorative quality.

For the first time during the parade of tulips in a botanical garden in Yalta, like the choice of the flower-queen in the ball of chrysanthemums, the organizers want to choose the best of all varieties of tulips.

Briefly: Nikita Botanical Gardens (Yalta) - a research institution that conducts work on the botany and horticulture. Nikita Botanical Garden is located on the South Coast between the Black Sea and the village of Nikita. Nikita Botanical Garden was founded in 1812 by scientist Christiaan Steven.

Nikita Botanical Garden each year in the autumn holds the "ball of chrysanthemums. In 2009, the queen of chrysanthemums was selected macranthon Chinese Class Swallow.