The holiday season in Yalta - Results


The territory of Yalta has 21% of spa facilities all over the Crimea. In 2009 this region was 116 spa facilities area of 970 hectares. This is more than 37% of the area of all resorts of Crimea autonomy.
Health Resort last resort of the 2009 season could put 28,602 tourists per month maximum deployment. This represents 24% of hospital bed the whole Crimea. But despite this, this index decreased by 3.6 percent compared with 2008.

Resort Yalta improved the 294,533 people last year. In total improve the health of the whole of the Crimea, Yalta region took over 33% percent.

Of the total rested at Yalta, only 4% stayed in health resorts of one or two days. A 96% stayed on vacation in Yalta for three days or more.

During the past holiday season in Yalta, improved their health 51864 child under 14 years and 14946 adolescents aged 15-17 years. Most children make healthy and resting at Yalta in the period from June to August.

Of the total number of rested Yalta number of persons affected by the Chernobyl accident, was 6291 persons. From the total number of "Chernobyl victims" of 30% (1922 persons) were children under 14 years, 8% (503) - children 15-17 years.

Number of healthier and rested in Yalta foreign nationals totaled 64,693 people. This represents 22% of the number of persons visiting the spa resort of Yalta institutions. This figure is significantly decreased in comparison with 2008 to 10652 people, that is 14%.