Crimean authorities insist on raising rates spa collection.


Crimean authorities insist on raising rates spa collection.

This information was discussed at the meeting of the Standing
Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of the Crimean resort complex and

At the meeting of the Commission
for sanatorium-resort complex and tourism, who attended the deputy.
Alushta mountains. head S. Kolot said that the current rate
recreational gathering - it is very small. "We all spend on this
tremendous efforts, receipts, money, but the resort fee is a very
a small percentage, and this
course minuscule. "The game is not worth the candle" - said vice-mayor

Minister of Economy of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Svetlana
Verba according to this. Since at segodnyashnyashny day resort fee of $ 1.7 hryvnia
does not match the realities of the Crimea. "If his return as a local
tax, then it must not be tied to the minimum tax, and to the minimum wage
board "- said Svetlana Verba.

Summary : According to the Ministry of resorts of Crimea, on the current rate of collection in the Crimea resort is 10 percent of tax-exempt
Ie minimum tax is equal to 1.7 hryvnia.

bet spa collection in the Crimea had not been revised since 2007