In early May, the race will be held in Alushta «Subaru Open Cup 2010.


According to information received from the organizers of this event, «Subaru Open
Cup 2010 "- this, at the moment, the only Ukrainian amateur racing series,
which was able to get the status of national and main aim of promotion of motorsport in Ukraine. «Subaru Open Cup» received the status of the national amateur racing series of the Automobile Federation of Ukraine (FAU).

Racing «Subaru Open Cup» held in the format of classic rally. This includes not only the movement of the spectacular sites of high-speed maneuvering, but also pieces of uniform motion on a special schedule. And as a result of a race «Subaru Open Cup» is important not only high driving skill, but skills mate.

The racing «Subaru Open Cup» can take part not only cars «Subaru», but automobiles and any other brand. The main thing to observe the basic condition - the car that wants to participate in races rinyat «Subaru Open Cup» should be allowed to operate on public roads and officially registered. As a result of races, in the «Subaru Open Cup», Automobile Federation of Ukraine assign the sports category winners of the races.

In racing series «Subaru Open Cup» will host the "riders - children, under the action participants and organizers of« Subaru Open Cup »will help children in orphanages in regions where the competition will be held .

Summary : Racing series «Subaru Open Cup» - is the official distributor for the project «Subaru» in Ukraine, the company "Subaru Ukraine. «Subaru Open Cup» aimed at the development and popularization of classical rally in Ukraine. Races «Subaru Open Cup» «Subaru Ukraine is carrying out 2 nd year in a row. This year the stages of races «Subaru Open Cup in 2010 also will be held in Chernihiv, Lviv and Kiev.