The infant mortality rate in the Crimea was decreased by 30 percent


In 2010 the infant mortality rate of children under one year decreased by 30 percent.

This information reported deputy. Minister of Health of the Crimea A. Grudnitskii at the board meeting of the Ministry of Health on March 25.

a three-fold reduced mortality kids from cold infections and a half times - from
asphyxia, two and a half times - from sepsis. It was possible to reduce mortality from respiratory disorders by 61 percent. A. Grudnitskii reported that in 2009 небыло fixed any one of the first case of death of newborns from postrodovyh injuries.

Deputy Minister said that the survival rate among newborn babies in maternity hospitals of the Crimea improved to 52 per cent.

Despite severe shortages in many parts of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea specials. equipment to deal with postrodovymi and delivery complications, Crimean doctors managed to achieve good results in reducing infant mortality. "These results we have achieved by improving the skills of physicians, increased staffing of the health workers institutions, the effective work of medical teams, pre-natal modern technology and timely referral of women's position in the spec. medical facilities to prevent birth complications and to monitor them »

A. Grudnitskii also stressed that a detailed analysis of the causes of infant mortality, it was found that one in four children die at home rather than in hospital.

Moreover, according to Alena Grudnitskii, advanced modern prenatal technology made it possible to significantly reduce the rate of unnecessary obstetric interventions, in particular, the use of caesarean section.