City Evpatoriya

Private hotel Donuzlav is 30 km. Index - the largest city of Western Crimea. Evpatoriya , the largest resort town has long been considered as the child recreation. We are all children of the Union rested in Evpatoriya summer camps, are familiar with the streets Evpatoriya , and each one of us ever make wishes on Evpatoriya Tram desires.

Unlike other resort towns of Crimea Evpatoriya was originally developed as a health resort. The reason for this was the location of Evpatoriya between two lakes and Sassyk Moinaki, famous healing properties for the whole world.

The ancient city of Evpatoriya

Evpatoriya One of the most ancient in Europe, centers of urban civilization. More recently evpatoriytsy celebrated 2500 years Evpatoriya . Not what the city can boast of such a venerable age.

Ancient history could not affect the structure of the central part of Evpatoriya. 30 years ago, the idea to settle the old quarters Evpatoriya, in order to preserve the central part of the city as a unified cultural and historical museum complex. But unfortunately, this idea has remained not embodied, and fewer and fewer and fewer and fewer houses in the center Evpatoriya with rezblennymi cornices, antique wrought bars and doors.

Attractions Evpatoriya

Evpatoriya: Theater Square

No city is complete without the main square. In Evpatoriya itself is Theater Square, known as the location of her theater named AS Pushkin.

Evpatoriya museum

Where as no museum can find exhaustive information about the history and contemporary Evpatoriya . Today the museum contains more than 80 thousand units of storage 2500-year history of the ancient city.

Evpatoriya: Juma-Jami

important architectural landmark Evpatoriya is considered Juma-Jami, built in the XV century. Juma-Jami main mosque of the Crimean Khanate, has impressive size and twelve cupolas.

Evpatoriya: Dervish Tekke mosque and Shukurla Effendi

second largest monument of Muslim architecture in the Crimea is a complex of facilities, including a mosque and mullah-Shukurla takkia Dervishes (Sufis abode). The complex is located at the intersection of streets Evpatoriya International and Karaev.

Evpatoriya Karaite kenasa

This monument is easy to find on the street Karaite. Set him apart from mainstream stores Evpatoriya flamboyant Renaissance portal with intricate wrought gates. Kenasas - a prayer institution Karaites.

Evpatoriya: Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Evpatoriya unique city with a multi-religious history. The main Orthodox church Evpatoriya is the cathedral of St. Nicholas, which was built on the site of dilapidated church of St. Nicholas of Myra. Evpatoriya built a cathedral on the funds collected not only the Orthodox, but also the Karaite community Evpatoriya, Muslims and Jews.

Evpatoriya: Greek Church of St. Elijah

Greek Evpatoriskaya church was consecrated in the name of the holy Prophet Elijah and is located on the embankment Evpatoriya . Greek church is made in strict style: smooth walls, large laconic details facades, belfry over the entrance and a faceted dome on a drum.

Evpatoriya: Armenian Church of St. Nicholas

Armenian Church of St. Nicholas is located in the depths of the central public space Evpatoriya on the street international. The church was built at the beginning XIX century and combines in its architecture and traditions of the Armenian architecture of Russian classicism.

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