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Evpatoria fulfilled all the conditions for obtaining the "Blue Flag of Europe"


Evpatoria fulfilled all the requirements that were necessary to obtain the Blue Flag of Europe "for the two city beaches.

This information is the head of heads. Exercise. foreign economic relations and investment policy of the City Council Evpatorian S. Strelbitskiy.

Today in the town of Evpatoria are 24 resorts


At the beginning of April in Evpatoria are 24 sanatoriums in them for treatment and rest are 5735 guests, which is 71 more people than it was last year.

This information is the head of heads. management of foreign economic relations and investment policy City Council Evpatoria.

In Evpatoria holiday season to open a new aquarium


1 May, official opening day of the holiday season in Evpatoria, a presentation of a new, modern urban aquarium.

This information was reported by the press office Evpatorian Mayor.

Evpatoria preparation beaches given time till May 10


The City of Evpatoria urged leaders resorts to bring order to the beach area until 10 May.

In the new season in Evpatoria will be 50 new "Bogdanov"


In the new holiday season in the city of Evpatoria transport services will provide 50 brand new buses "Bogdan".

This information was reported in the city council Evpatoria.

Germanic Twin Cities will hold a master class for waiters Evpatoria


until the next holiday season for waiters Evpatoria-day master class will hold a specialist from the German city of Ludwigsburg, sister Evpatoria.

This information was reported early. Business and trade Evpatoria City Council M. Baydetskaya.

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