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At Ai-Petri can let tourist bus


In the management of primary state. inspection of road transport in the Republic of Crimea offers to open an official car route to the Ai-Petri plateau.

In Crimea, reduce the number of children's sanatoriums and camps


This year, in the Crimea will operate only 464 children's institutions and the rest ozdorovleniya.V last year, these institutions was 571.

In Evpatoria holiday season to open a new aquarium


1 May, official opening day of the holiday season in Evpatoria, a presentation of a new, modern urban aquarium.

This information was reported by the press office Evpatorian Mayor.

Airport "Simferopol" this year will increase the number of flights by 20%


Manual airport "Simferopol" expects that in the future holiday season the number of flights will increase by approximately 20% of the amount of last year.

This information was reported commercial airport director E. Uris at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of the ARC in construction, industry, communications, transport and energy sector.

Evpatoria preparation beaches given time till May 10


The City of Evpatoria urged leaders resorts to bring order to the beach area until 10 May.

In the new season in Evpatoria will be 50 new "Bogdanov"


In the new holiday season in the city of Evpatoria transport services will provide 50 brand new buses "Bogdan".

This information was reported in the city council Evpatoria.

Simferopol and prospects of rural tourism in Crimea


March 23 this year on the basis of the Moscow Hotel in Simferopol held a roundtable discussion on "Rural Tourism in Crimea - Prospects of Development".

This information was reported in the information department of the Programme of Crimea Integration and Development, which organizes the event.

In the Kerch plan to revive turassotsiatsiyu "Eastern Crimea"


In the Kerch plan to revive the round. association "Eastern Crimea.

This information was reported in the information-analytical department of Kerch city council.

Sightseeing in Sevastopol - the second place in Ukraine


From the words of the Chief of Control. Tourism and Culture Sevastopol mountains. Governor T. Zenin, in 2009, Sebastopol has shown very good result as a tourist region, yielding a good income in the state. and local budgets.

This T. Zenin reported at the board meeting management.

General repair cableway "Miskhor-Ai-Petri" extended until 30 April


Overhaul of the ropeway "Miskhor-Ai-Petri" will be extended until April 30.

This information is on the official site of the ropeway "Miskhor-Ai-Petri.

The website reported that the lift "Miskhor-Ai-Petri" will be on the repair until April 20.

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