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Three caves in the Yalta reserve are available to visit


Yalta mountain-forest reserve is almost ready for a new holiday season. Locals and tourists will be able to choose the most интерестный for yourself out of 23 eco-tourist routes around the park. This information was reported on the operational and economic meeting of the executive committee of the city of Yalta on first of April.

In Crimea this summer will choose the best deaf tourists


This year, in the Crimea will be the annual contest "The best remote tourist in Ukraine in 2010".

In April, the fair will be held Kerch Kerch at the crossroads of the seas and epochs


April 16 in the town of Kerch, in the palace of culture "eclectic", held on 2 nd resort tourism fair "Kerch at the crossroads of the seas and epochs.

This information informed the Chief Exercise. Tourism and Resorts of Kerch city council I. Inogorodskaya.

Tourists do not like the "outhouse"


The main disadvantages of the Crimea as a tour. Ukrainian tourists consider region's poor infrastructure, high cost and poor service.

It says the study "Rural Tourism in Crimea - the prospects of development". It was held in the Program Crimea Integration and Development in conjunction with the company Gfk Ukraine.

Crimea for Russian tourists is the atmosphere of the Soviet Union


Resorts of Crimea lose tourists from Europe and the CIS due to the lack of unique tourism brand in the region, and also because of poor quality / price ratio of services provided.
This information provided executive director of the Crimean Association of Travel Agencies Marina Beresneva.

Adventure Tourism in Crimea


According to the information from the chairman of the Republican Committee of Crimea on hunting and forestry Igor Katsaya, on the Crimean peninsula, is preparing to adopt a program of adventure tourism in the Crimea.

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