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Three caves in the Yalta reserve are available to visit


Yalta mountain-forest reserve is almost ready for a new holiday season. Locals and tourists will be able to choose the most интерестный for yourself out of 23 eco-tourist routes around the park. This information was reported on the operational and economic meeting of the executive committee of the city of Yalta on first of April.

In the Nikita Botanical Gardens Parade tulips


In the middle of this month in the Nikita Botanical Gardens in Yalta will be the first parade of spring flowers tulips.

In Yalta, began to repair roads in the city center


For this reason, during the 4 days will be partly available for the passage of some streets in the city of Yalta trolleybus ring.

This information was reported in the Municipality of Yalta. Eighth of April, it was shut down a small part of st. Kiev (extending from the vegetable market to the streets of Karl Marx) for the passage of transport (except for buses and trolleybuses).

Despite the complete lack of demand, cruise Yalta-Novorossiysk may again become accessible


This summer, the Russian company "Southern Transport Lines" to go through the effort to resume regular sea communication Novorossiysk with Yalta.

This information told the deputy. Head of Yalta commercial seaport operating P. Holkovsky at a press conference in Yalta.

In the port of Yalta has gone boat otbivshee in 2009 attack pirates


On April at Yalta Sea Trade had started in the season of 2010 cruise ship «MSC Melody».

Yalta commercial seaport cruise navigation opened in 2010. 1-th visitor of the Southern coast of Crimea has a cruise ship «Melody» cruise ship company MSC.

The vessel «Melody» has a length of 205 meters. On board the cruise ship may be located at the same time 1,500 passengers.

At Ai-Petri can let tourist bus


In the management of primary state. inspection of road transport in the Republic of Crimea offers to open an official car route to the Ai-Petri plateau.

General repair cableway "Miskhor-Ai-Petri" extended until 30 April


Overhaul of the ropeway "Miskhor-Ai-Petri" will be extended until April 30.

This information is on the official site of the ropeway "Miskhor-Ai-Petri.

The website reported that the lift "Miskhor-Ai-Petri" will be on the repair until April 20.

The holiday season in Yalta - Results


The territory of Yalta has 21% of spa facilities all over the Crimea. In 2009 this region was 116 spa facilities area of 970 hectares. This is more than 37% of the area of all resorts of Crimea autonomy.

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