Family holidays at sea in a private family-type hotel

In the pursuit of material goods we have so little time left for the family. The whole year we expect the long-awaited vacation. How to spend it with the greatest advantage? Relax with family at sea in the Crimea, away from the gray of everyday life and familiar surroundings - will arrange an unforgettable family holidays, the end of which you can tell:

"We had a good family vacation"
"We had a clean sea"
"We did not expect that in august on the beach near the sea can play volleyball with the whole family so that the ball would not hurt anyone"
"sea is very warm and clean, in a sea of want to swim for a long time"...

Location homes for family vacations.

Private hotel is located in the western Crimea on the Black Sea coast, 30 km. from Evpatoriya, in co-op "Parus" a kilometer from the cozy resort village Mirniy.

With Evpatoriya, Simferopol and Sevastopol pos. Mirniy link roads, which can be freely and quickly to get buses and route taxis, or your own car (look on map).

Address: pos. Mirniy, BВС "Parus", site. 43-45.
Phone: +7(978)123-97-68.

Features family holidays in the Mirniy: steppe climate, clean sea, sandy beach.

combination of the local natural medicinal factors: dry steppe climate, clean sea breezes, salt and saturated flow of ionized healthful fresh air with the aroma of the steppe grass and salt - has a beneficial effect on the human body and is a unique opportunity to improve you and your family and provide you with unforgettable family vacation. This is one of the cleanest parts of the Crimea.

small amount of precipitation in summer and high filtering capability of the soil, protect water of the sea from the income streams from the coastal zone, keeping the sea water clean. Beneficial effect on the purity of the sea affects the proximity to the misu Tarhankut (clean water area of the Crimean coast), with its limestone cliffs. Amazing clean sea has a special value for lovers of the sea diving.


All these factors make Family Holiday in private hotel Donuzlav unforgettable. The nature and we have created all the conditions to the positive memories of family vacation memorable for the whole year, and next year you come to us together with your friends.!