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To your attention prices on vacation in 2015

Room description hotel Donuzlav.

Rooms designed for comfortable accommodation of two to four guests and equipped with: refrigerator, TV, DVD player, furniture, fan and dishes. The rooms of "Standard +" installed air conditioning (split system: cold-warm).

All rooms with private facilities (shower, sink, WC), uninterrupted supply of hot and cold water.

Hotel: prices on vacation

Hotel Prices in euros per room .
calculation of sum can be made in euros and in UAH (at current rates). Prices for season 2015 in UAH will be listed with the May 1, 2015

Vocation to the sea in Seaside holiday in june, july, august, september 2015 .


Changing prices in a hotel Donuzlav

Prices may vary. When booking, the price per room is fixed at the time of booking, but if she declines, you will pay the lower price. If you make 100% advance payment is the difference between paid and the estimated value goes to pay for food.

Discount system hotel Donuzlav

If you order any room for more than 15 days - 5% discount.

also 5% discount permanent rest (resting with us before), and customers who have made a 100% prepayment for the entire period of stay to the account of the hotel.

discounts are added! Think about your vacation in advance, and you have the opportunity to get up to 15% off!

minimum prepayment required for booking a room - is the cost for the three-day stay in a hotel Donuzlav.

Prices hotel to food

The beach operates a dining room, where you can order a 1-3-meals a day. Our chefs will delight you balanced diet of home cooking.

Prices hotel to food are in euros for one portion. There are two types of portions: Children and adults alike. Children's portion is different from the adult size, and sometimes the content. Prices for season 2015 in UAH will be listed on the site from May 1

Cars can be placed near of hotel or in a guarded parking lot.

Prices on vacation in Crimea

Prices on vacation in Crimea that changes every year. Therefore, advance display prices on vacation in Crimea is not possible. If you want more information about prices on vacation in the Crimea can use the search on Google and see the sponsored links and search results.

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