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Frequently Asked Questions What to do in the private pension

Summary: Answers to frequently asked questions relating to holidays in private pension Donuzlav, meals in the private dining-room boarding house, the possibility of transfer, etc.

Children's rest

Short description: Advice for parents, guests with young children.

Evpatoriya: history Evpatoriya, attractions Evpatoriya

Short description: The resort town of Evpatoria: history Evpatoria, attractions and recreation in Evpatoria, and much more about the ancient city of Evpatoria.

Kazantip: Festival KaZantip, lifestyle Kazantip

Short description: and KaZantip Kazantip - Kazantip history, lifestyle KaZantip, Republic Kazantip, festival KaZantip, all about and Kazantip Kazantip.

Wings Donuzlav - Festival at Donuzlav