Vacation with children to the sea

When you go on vacation with their children (child), the selection of sites for vacation is responsible, and sometimes a challenge, but when you have on hand a small child - this task is complicated by several times. It is a lot to consider and think through in advance for what would vacation with children (child) has brought pleasure and benefit of adults and children.

Vacation with children (child) to 3 years.

Not recommended to go to sea on vacation with children (child) who is under 6 months, or until done basic vaccinations. To go to rest at sea is best for long term (three weeks) and choose their place of vacation with the climate close to the mother, and to place you go by land transport. Remember also that for a vacation with young children is best suited august и september.

Vacation with children from 3 to 6 years.

Parents at work, the child in the school - this is the standard situation of modern life. Vacation with children (child) to the sea is a great way to get close, to spend time with benefit and healthier. Do not forget to take your favorite toys and books of children (child). Never dragged into the water children (child) force - let the child himself gradually get used to it and expresses the desire to swim in the sea. Ask the children (child) when bathing your mouth shut and try not to swallow water, and to the beach do not forget to take the water, in order, so that if necessary, to give the baby to drink or wash his eyes out.

Vacation with children (child) of school age.

For vacation with children (child) school-age children need to make the cognitive elements of the rest. Be sure to visit one or more trips, at the end of which offer children (child) to write a short essay, a report on the places and sights seen. Take photos with each of the excursions and Glue them in the written essay, it will help children (child) to systematize the knowledge, and may be useful for school lessons. Do not forget also the summer home lessons: you should not interrupt the reading of books and others in connection with the rest of the sea.

General recommendations for a joint vacation with their children (child).

Prepare your child to rest in advance:

Tell the children (child), where you are going;
read to children (child) books about the sea, tell us about the vacation to the sea;
before going on vacation, let the children (child) more vitamins;
consult your pediatrician.
Acclimatization of children (child) will be easier if the first day after his arrival did not bathe the children (child) in the sea, and on the second and third day, a little splash, but not more than five minutes for each call to the sea.

In the first time, please be familiar to children (child) food and drinking water - this will facilitate acclimatization.

dress their children for the weather, and do not forget about the headgear.

What would rest with the children (child) to the sea was calm never leave your children (child) unattended.

are not in the children (child) on the beach in the heat of the sun (from 11 to 16 hours), but at other times, prolonged sun exposure to children (child) would not benefit, especially if is the first week rest on the sea.

What would rest with the children (child) has passed without burns, use sunscreen, which is necessary to buy another at the doorway, after consultation with the pediatrician. Buy a well, just in case, a remedy for sunburn.

When choosing a place, remember that it is best to choose a place where there is a choice between the open sea and the bay. It is important for recreation with children (child). Since then we uraznoobrazit vacation . And if a storm at sea will be - you can always enjoy the rest in the Bay. In addition, the Gulf is more convenient to teach children (child) to swim, and the water temperature will stay for a long time, not worrying about hypothermia children (child).

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