Festival Kazantip (KaZantip)

Two kilometers from the private hotel Donuzlav, in the resort village Popovka, settled the annual Youth Festival Kazantip. Internet rages information about the festival Kazantip, which can be called in different ways: Orange Republic, and Republic of happiness, and KaZantip or Kazantip, and Project Z.

Every summer in july - august Thousands of fans of contemporary music and the best DJs and performers genres of pop and rock music from different countries come to Kazantip. Right on the Black Sea coast, near the beach Popovki, located ten tanspolov Kazantip, cafes and bars, shops and souvenir shops, sports grounds Kazantip.

Round the clock during a month are held here entertaining action, discos, concerts, sporting events and film shows. According to the reviews of Kazantip, - this is not a festival but a lifestyle, but they were not his guests, a "residents Kazantip>.


A little about the history of the Republic of Kazantip

first large-scale event preceding the festival of this magnitude, organized KaZantip

Marshunok Nikita, now in 1995. The venue was the village of Kazantip Shchelkine in Cape Kazantip, from whom he received its name.

Kazantip 1995, 1996 and 1997 conducted in an abandoned nuclear reactor Schelkinskoy unfinished nuclear power plant and its main focus was chosen for windsurfing competitions.

Kazantip 1998-1999 year has grown and multiplied their fans by changing its direction in contemporary music festival. Has he also unchanged in the village Shchelkine.

In 2000 after repeated scandals and lawsuits KaZantip ship was forced to look for another place of the festival. The choice fell on the village. Merry. But there was not destined to the Republic of Z to continue its growth.

Since 2001 and until this moment KaZantip settled in Popovka. Repeatedly multiplying the number of and as the music and conducting, the festival has grown into the annual and world famous.

2003 Kazantip grew up in the republic KaZantip official president - Nikita Marshunokom and citizens of the Republic - all those who wish to visit KaZantip and share this way of life.

In 2004, the Republic of Kazantip KaZantip got its own Parliament, and kazantipschiki got the right to vote.

Now Kazantip - is one of the world's major festivals of dance music (open air), comparable in scale with similar to the island of Ibiza (Spain).

Log in

KaZantip carried out by the so-called visas, the cost of which increases every year. Thus in 2008 a one-time visa (one day) does not cost a lot of not a few - 300-400 UAH. In reusable 600-700 UAH.

17 Festival of the Republic of Kazantip

In 2009 Kazantip is 17 years. Official opening of the festival crouches at 25 july 2009 and closing - at 23 august.

cost of visas so far is not known, they want to rumors that it will cost about as last year.

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